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Notary Background Checks

As an official of integrity appointed by the state government, notaries are held to a higher standard than the rest. A notary is responsible for serving as an impartial witness in a variety of situations to deter fraudulent signatures on important and sometime legal documents.

A notary background check is an investigation to into the notary’s background and identifies whether they have any arrests, convictions or sanctions. notaries are also recommended to have annual screenings each year following their initial background check to confirm their eligibility has not changed.

When working with a notary it is not only important but imperative that someone trustworthy is handling the signing of documents and verification of information. Before hiring or beginning work with a notary it is highly recommended to request a background check. Screening regulations can vary from state to state and there are some regulations that are required on a national level. For example, these regulations require that a notary not have any convictions of moral turpitude or a felony on their record. Because these regulations vary from state to state, requesting a check will ensure your company has done its due diligence before hiring. 

As a notary it is also recommended to have a background check completed and ready to present to a new client when discussing the hiring process. With the notary business becoming more competitive, background checks can be used by notaries to market their services to clients. News stories in recent years of notaries defrauding clients may have clients wary of notaries offering their services. Have a background check in hand and ready to present to potential clients can alleviate those fears.

Notary background checks take three to five business days to complete and an email with a completed report will be forwarded to your attention from [email protected]. Make sure to add the email to your safe sender list to ensure you receive the results right away.

Please add this email to your safe sender list to ensure the results are delivered in a timely manner. Contact us with any questions.

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