Pre-Employment Education and Employment Verification Check

Pre-Employment Education and Employment Verification Check

background check for employment

Level 3 – Professional/Management

Ensure that degrees, credentials and certifications are authentic and current. This background check is designed for hiring managers and technical workers as well as promoting from within. Includes all services from Level 2 plus education and employment verifications.

Products included in the Level 3 background check from Crimcheck:

  1. Felony Criminal Record Search
  2. Misdemeanor Criminal Record Search
  3. Sexual Offender Database Search
  4. Social Security Number Trace
  5. Driving Record
  6. Education Verification
  7. Employment Verification

Education Verification

An Education Verification is a confirmation of the applicant’s high school diploma, undergraduate or graduate degree or trade school diploma or degree.  Also verified are dates of attendance for those who had attended school, but not completed the degree requirements.

An Education Verification is a necessary step to take when the degree or credentials of the applicant are required for the position.  Crimcheck will confirm that the applicant actually obtained the degree they have listed on their resume.

It is estimated that fake diplomas and degree mills are a billion dollar industry.  There are unaccredited schools that issue diplomas and also companies that will print and issue fake diplomas for a fee.  With technology today, these fraudulent degrees and institutions are hard to detect.  Crimcheck can identify which schools are actually accredited through the United States Department of Education.

Many schools utilize a subscription based third party verification service.  What this means is that you cannot call the school registrar to obtain confirmation of a diploma, you must subscribe to this third party service.  Crimcheck is able to utilize this service to verify attendance and degrees.

Employment Verification & Background Checks

To verify prior employment, Crimcheck will contact the two most recent employers in a five year period and attempt to verify the applicant’s prior position with the company, salary, eligibility for rehire, and dates of employment.  It is important to verify that the applicant actually worked at the employers listed on their resume or application.

A previous employer can give insight into an applicant’s work ethic, reliability, and abilities.  Statistics show that 34% of applicant’s embellish their employment history.